About us

At Vidya Vikas, we nurture the development of well-rounded personalities. The importance of discipline, spiritual awareness, kindness and social welfare are included in these young minds who will be the great leaders of tomorrow.

The college caters to students not only from Mysore city, but also from neighboring districts and states. We pride ourselves in delivering quality education to the student’s year after year and also help them flourish in co-curricular activities. Ours is an equal opportunity campus for both boys and girls, which is free of ragging. Each student who is admitted into the first year will undergo a rigorous capacity building program before commencement of term.

The faculty members are of a team are well-experienced, dedicated, friendly and motivated individuals who are more than willing to help the students at all the times. Under performing students are mentored and encourage to do better on a regular basis. Periodic tests are conducted to ensure that students master the art of management. In addition, the performance feedback sent to the parents once in every month.

We constantly adopt to the changing education system with the help of our learning resource center that is equipped with computers, seminar hall and all the state of the art infrastructure.

We hope to welcome you into Vidya Vikas Pre-University college where we will help you envision your dreams and make them come true.